Naked, Semi-Naked & Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Naked  Cakes are very popular at the moment and provide a great alternative to the traditional iced cake.

Naked Cakes are tiers of sponge stacked and filled with buttercream. They are usually decorated with icing sugar, fresh flowers, or fresh fruit, but anything goes!

We offer 2 sizes of Naked Cake:-

3 tiers (80 portions) at £330

4 tiers (130 portions) at £380

We are happy to provide fresh fruit to decorate your cake at an additional cost of £30.00.

After taking advice from our Food Safety Officer, we are unable to work with fresh flowers. Should you wish to have fresh flowers on your cake then you should arrange this directly with your florist and they will also be required to add them to the cake.

Semi-Naked Cakes are naked cakes with a “scraping” of buttercream around the outside filling in any “indents” in the sponge and between the sponge layers. They are decorated in the same way as our naked cakes with the options of the same sponges.

Prices for our semi-naked cakes are:-

3 tiers (80 portions) at £365

4 tiers (130 portions) at £415

These cakes need to be set up on the day of your wedding as late in the day as possible to avoid the sponge drying out in the air. See out Terms and Conditions for more information.

Buttercream Cakes – these are coated entirely in buttercream, and there are many different finishes available. The buttercream can be coloured or textured  to your requirements. For pricing please see Cake Sizes and Prices.