Cake Sizes and Prices

Once you have decided to have a cake for your celebration, we can work out what size cake you need in order to accommodate all your guests.

Usually fruit cakes are cut in to 1 inch square pieces, therefore an 8 inch square fruit cake will accommodate 64 guests.

A sponge cake is usually cut into to 1 x 2 inch pieces therefore an 8 in square will accommodate 32 guests.

When having a tiered cake we can also work out the size cakes you will need to accommodate your chosen design with regards to cake shape and sizes.

All our fruit cakes are priced to include marzipan, regal (fondant or roll out) icing, on a board and in a box with ribbon. Our sponge cakes come coated in a chocolate ganache and iced in regal ice. Further decoration is at additional cost. Some ideas are listed on the pricing guide but please contact us directly for specific decoration costing.

Cakes with the exception of wedding cakes are normally collected and will be ready 24 hours before the date required.

Wedding cakes can also be collected 48 hours prior to the  day, however delivery and set up is included in the price within a 10 mile radius  of Ditton. Delivery and set up beyond this distance is charged at 50p a mile  (round trip).

At a glance price guide

Our birthday and celebration cakes start from £100.00 for sponge cakes (minium size 8 inch round or square – 25 portions)

Novelty cakes from £100.00

Mini fruit cake from £8.00 each

Mini sponge cakes from £6.00 each

Sphere cakes from £8.00 each

Naked cakes and semi-naked cakes see Naked cakes & Buttercream Cakes

For pricing for fully covered buttercream cakes see our prices below. These are charged at the same cost as iced cakes.

Prices for 2019, 2020 and 2021 Iced Wedding Cakes

For traditional iced cakes and fully covered buttercream cakes:-

2 tier sponge wedding cakes

10- & 7-inch round sponges – 60 portions – from £300

3 tier sponge wedding cakes

10, 7- & 4-inch round sponges – 65 portions – from £390

10, 8, & 6-inch round sponges – 80 portions – from £415

12, 9- & 6-inch round sponges – 105 portions – from £480

4 tier sponge wedding cakes

10, 8, 6- & 4-inch round sponges – 85 portions – from £490

12,10,8 & 6-inch round sponges – 135 portions – from £600

5 tier sponges wedding cakes

12, 10, 8, 6- & 4-inch round sponges – 140 portions – from £750

6 tier sponge wedding cakes

14, 12, 10, 8, 6- & 4-inch round sponges – 218 portions – from £800

Delivery and set up is free on charge within 10 miles of ME20 6SX. Beyond this there is a small charge.

Fruit tiers, dummy tiers and cutting cakes are also available. Please ask for further information.