All about me!

A wedding cake decorator in Kent...

In 1992, just after I had finished my degree, my mum bought me a book completely out of the blue called “kids character cakes”. She obviously thought I needed a hobby but as I had never made a cake or shown any interest in baking in my life and I didn’t have any children, so it did seem a bit of a random purchase at the time. This gift was the start of the most amazing journey for me which culminated in Cake Decorating becoming my full time career. Soon, it was mum’s birthday, so I made a cake from the book. It was a pig cake made using two sponges made from bowls and a few marshmallows. Looking at it now it was really quite terrible, but mum loved it and that was enough for me to think about taking night classes to learn how to decorate cakes properly at some point in the future. This opportunity came much sooner than I had anticipated as I had booked an evening course which was cancelled at the last minute, and so I found myself on a 12 week course “Cake Decorating for Beginners” As time went on, I enjoyed learning all the different techniques and got so much positive feedback that I tried more cake related classes. Friends and family started asking me to make cakes for their celebrations and I made my first wedding cake in about 1994, volunteered by my mum!

Making this first wedding cake was such a big step, there is a world of difference between a birthday and a wedding, but the couple were so pleased with the cake it made me feel incredibly happy, much happier than my full time job ever had done and this spurred me on to learn more. From that moment on, my aim in life was to become a full-time cake maker at some point in the distant future. I enrolled on a 2-year City and Guilds course in Sugarcraft and Design and was the only person to complete the course within its two-year time span, all whilst holding down a full-time job.

It took me several years, 3 children and a serious illness to be able to give up my day job to focus full time on cakes, but in 2012 I did just that, opening Iced Images Cakes and eventually specialising in wedding cakes over everything else.

My love of wedding cakes stems from me knowing that each couple will have not only a beautiful looking cake but also a beautiful tasting one. Once the cake is delivered and set up at the venue I like to step back, look at the cake and I get great satisfaction seeing that I have created something amazing for my clients and that they too will be thrilled to see their cake and it be everything they ever wanted and more. The wedding cake deserves to be a talking point on the big day be it cool and contemporary or fun and outrageous, meeting the couple’s specific requirements and personalities.

It’s important to me that I can take some of the wedding day worry away from the happy couple by providing amazing support and customer service throughout the process, getting to know the couple well during this time makes it very easy to go that extra mile to make everything just perfect.

I still love to go on courses to learn new skills and improve on my existing ones, it is never too late to learn as wedding trends are continuingly changing. Over the years I have developed a huge passion for sugar flowers and modelling which you will often find form part of many of my cake designs.

I run my business from my home in Aylesford, Kent, where I live with my children and partner.